Living Simply Raw

Living Simply Raw

Living Simply Raw is inspiring, educational and transformational. 40 years of living and raw food wisdom in one book. This is a great manual for both the advanced and those who have just discovered the wonder of a living foods lifestyle.

Joyce has taken the traditional american foods and ethnic foods and has manifested a delightful raw food repertoire with creativity and ease. Now, you too can experience that kind of optimal shift with her support and delicious recipes. Her passion for raw and living food can inspire anyone to understand what it means to give the gift of vitality to yourself and your family. Her book will help you maintain veganism or inspire you to incorporate more living and raw lifestyle changes and excite you to make delightful meals that are alive.

Joyce Oliveto's Sunny Seed Pate
Joyce’s Sunny Seed Pâté

Living Simply Raw walks you through understanding how simple and easy not only preparing raw and living food is but also how to simply set up your raw food kitchen, raw food pantry, refrigerator and what prepared foods to have on hand. You will learn how to transition into the raw food lifestyle. Learn how enzymes affect the healing and aging process. Joyce also shows you how to set up indoor gardening and grow indoor greens with ease. Learn the steps for easily preparing dehydrated delicacies, from crackers to breads, to cereals and desserts.

There are 190 easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes that will delight your taste buds with layers of flavor and texture. Appetizers, soups, entrees, sides, wraps and spreads, dips and dressings, salads, smoothies and nut milks, crackers and crisps, breads and doughs, cereals, cookies and treats, ice creams and nut creams, crusts and pies.

Joyce’s Faux Turkey Spread Wrap

We are excited to embark with you on this magical journey of recovery and healing through raw and living foods. I hope that this book inspires and motivates you on this transformational journey. My life was changed so profoundly because of the living food lifestyle and its many benefits. When I wrote this book, I wanted people to understand that incorporating raw and living foods into your life and setting up a raw food kitchen does not have to be hard. It is all part of a joyful and rewarding process. I hope that these recipes help you move forward in a way that is fulfilling, fun and delicious.

The book is currently for sale through FoodsAlive and Amazon, but will soon be through available through Joyce Oliveto’s own Amazon page.


“Joyce is a motivating and inspirational teacher with an incredible amount of knowledge about health and nutrition. She has a zest for life and learning, and her life’s work has been about sharing her knowledge with others to support their health and well being. Her workshops are fun and educational, largely due to her passion for creating tasty and nutritious food. Joyce’s book, Living Simply Raw, is an absolute favorite reference for raw food inspiration. The recipes are simple and delicious, incorporating easy-to-find ingredients to create appetizing meals. All healthy food should taste this good!”

Kathleen Overton
Phoenix, AZ

“Inspiring, Educational and Transformative. From the depths of her unconditional love she brings us the essence and vibrancy of youth by nature.”

Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas MS
Montezuma, Costa Rica
Co-Founder of The Hippocrates Health Institute
Author of Survival into the 21st Century

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